User Contributions

This section hosts innovative suggestions from OpenMower users that are currently not included in the standard package.

OpenMower is a diverse community with users constantly innovating and customizing their experiences. This page serves as a platform to showcase and share these unique ideas which might range from country-specific or part-specific modifications, enhancements that push the mower’s capabilities beyond its original specifications, ingenious software tricks, system integrations, or experimental concepts still in the testing phase before being adopted into the mainline product.

Each contribution typically has an assigned owner, who can be courteously reached for further information. Discord is often a preferred method of contact.

We warmly invite and encourage you to submit your unique contributions to this platform. Your ideas could serve to enhance the OpenMower experience for everyone.

Increase mower motor to 6A

Updating motor configuration for more mowing power.

Mounting RoboClaws wheel spikes

In order to increase traction wheel spikes can be mounted.