Manual Firmware Installation

This guide shows you how to get the correct firmware for your hardware version and install it on your mainboard manually.

In order for ROS to talk to your mainboard, it needs to be programmed with a Firmware. Don’t worry, the process is straightforward.

Step 1: Download the Latest Firmware Bundle

Firmware Download

The first step is to download and extract the latest firmware bundle. The zip file contains all the firmwares supported by the OpenMower project. You can get the latest version here: 🔗

Step 2: Find the Firmware

In order to find the correct firmware file, you will need two pieces of information:

2.1: The hardware version of your mainboard

The version of your mainboard is printed on the lower left side of your mainboard:

2.2: The type of IMU you are using:

IMU NameImage

3.3: Select Firmware:

Now you can select the firmware according to this table:

Mainboard VersionIMUFirmware FileNotes
0.13.xLSM6DSO0_13_X/firmware.uf2If you have bought the 0.13.x kit in Vermut’s shop, this is your version.
0.12.xLSM6DSO0_12_X/firmware.uf2If you have bought the 0.12.x kit in Vermut’s shop, this is your version.
0.11.xWT9010_11_X_WT901/firmware.uf2If you have bought the 0.11.x kit in Vermut’s shop, this is your version.
0.10.xWT9010_10_X_WT901/firmware.uf2If you have bought the 0.10.x kit in Vermut’s shop, this is your version.
0.9.xWT9010_9_X_WT901_INSTEAD_OF_SOUND/firmware.uf2WT901 gets soldered instead of the sound module, since this mainboard does not have a WT901 header
0.9.xWT9010_9_X_WT901/firmware.uf2IMU Connected on the MPU9250 Slot using SerialPIO

Step 3: Install Firmware

In order to not draw too much current from your computer’s USB port, make sure that no modules (Raspberry Pi, GPS, ESCs) are plugged into your mainboard. Then connect the Raspberry Pi Pico with a micro USB cable to your PC.

Your PC should show a new mass-storage device. Copy the UF2 file identified above onto the mass-storage and wait for the Pico to reboot. The process takes about 10 seconds.

Step 4: Done 🎉

Your mainboard now has the latest firmware and is good to go. You can plug all modules into the mainboard now.

Last modified May 8, 2023: docs: add picture of LSM6DSO (54b73a6)