Shopping List

A shopping list for your Open Mower build.

Parts for the Robot and the Charging Station

NameDescriptionQuantity RequiredSource LinkNotes
(Yardforce Classic 500 or 500B)
The mower to modify.1Amazon
Open Mower Hardware KitThe electronics we will mount inside the robot and the charging station. Also includes goodies to make stuff easier to mount.1Vermut’s shopAlternatively you can source and solder most of these parts yourself. Check the repositories in the Links section for PCB designs and BOMs.
Ardusimple RTK2B GPS + AntennaPositioning system for the robot1ArduSimple
Raspberry Pi 4The brain of the robot.

Use 2GB + model for running the software

Use 8GB model for development
1RPi LocatorYes, it has to be the Raspberry Pi 4, because we need all the UARTs.
SD Card (16 GB+)1Amazon or your local hardware store
USB Wi-Fi Dongle (Optional)For better Wi-Fi reception0Check for Linux Support
Left-Angle USB adapter (Optional)If you want to keep Wi-Fi dongle inside the mower. RPi USB is really close to the mower side wall0Amazon or your local hardware storeThe kit contains the wire to connect external USB port. That may be enough if Wi-Fi dongle is waterproof.

Parts for the GPS Base Station

NameDescriptionQuantity RequiredSource LinkNotes
Raspberry Pi
+ SD Card
+ Power Supply
You can basically use any Raspberry Pi for this. No special requirements.1RPi Locator
Ardusimple RTK2B GPS + AntennaPositioning system for the base station1ArduSimple
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