Assembling the YardForce Classic 500

Assembling the robot with Vermut’s 0.13.x kit.

Connect bottom wires

Install GPS antenna

The second picture is not perfect, the screw is out of the frame, yellow arrow pointing at it. Also, the GPS plane itself is historic from 0.9.3, yours will be green and shiny.

Install external Wi-Fi adapter (optional)

Assemble mainboard

This step assumes that you did all previous configuration steps from the documentation.

Connect and screw mainboard

Modify rain sensor cable (kit version specific)

Assemble cover

On the photos you see an old patched version of rain sensor cable (see above). Yours might just fit in normally.

Connect cover to bottom

Close the cover

Alight cutting height knob with mower motor, close the cover, push where needed to snap the latches. Or even leave it lying on while you testing the setup, maybe you’ll need to open it again.