Prepare the Robot

Disassemble the robot, remove the existing mainboard and add optionally a USB connector.


  • YardForce Classic 500
  • Some basic screwdrivers

Step 1: Open The Robot

The first step is to open up the robot. This is a bit tricky in some parts, so I recommend you checking my YouTube video here: YouTube Video. The relevant time is: 2:25 - 5:08.

Step 2: Remove Stock Electronics

You will need to remove these stock electronics:

  • Mainboard
  • Perimeter Sensor (slim PCB in the front of the robot).
  • All cables in the orange cover (emergency stop).

Keep the battery in place.

Step 3 Optional: Modify USB Socket

The YardForce classic has a USB socket on the back of the robot. Unfortunately for us, this socket has some non-standard connector on the inside.

If you want to use this USB socket on the back of the robot (for example for controlling the robot using a gamepad like shown in the first video), you will need to add a USB A plug to the USB cable and plug it into the Raspberry Pi.

This way the USB port at the back of the robot is wired directly to the Raspberry Pi.

Disassembling the YardForce Classic 500

Disassembling the robot prior to mounting Vermut’s 0.13.x kit.

Last modified May 6, 2023: docs: mention custom USB cable (7db8149)